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Snowplus Lite Device Box of 5 - Multiple Colors

Snowplus Lite Device Specifications
  • SNOWPLUS Lite fuses industry-leading technology with a minimalist aesthetic and intuitive use, offering users a discreet alternative to combustible cigarettes
  • The body of the device is made from high-strength, lightweight aluminum alloy that utilizes anodic oxidation coating for a super-durable build. Devices come in six colors including Classic Black, Misty Grey, Sakura Pink, Ocean Blue, Purple, Green and Tropical Sunrise
  • SNOWPLUS Lite delivers an impressive experience in a compact design by employing core TrueFeel honeycomb ceramic atomization and AeroFlow air intake technologies, putting it on par with devices at similar or even higher price points
  • SNOWPLUS Lite is powered by a 400mah lithium battery with enough energy for a full day's use on a single charge. A battery light indicator turns on during inhalation when the SNOWPLUS Lite device has over a 10% charge, and flashes when power drops below 10%, reminding users to recharge. The light indicator also illuminates when charging and turns off after the device has fully charged
  • Snowplus Lite is an easy to use pod-style vape kit (POD SOLD SEPARATELY)
  • Designed for adult smokers switching to mouth to lung vaping
  • 400mAh battery
  • A lightweight aluminum body weighing just 21g
  • Gives a similar tight draw and nicotine delivery to that of a cigarette
  • A flat base to stand it up when not in use
  • No buttons, settings or refilling needed
  • Simply insert a pre-filled Snowplus pod (POD SOLD SEPARATELY) and inhale to vape

Box of 5 Packaging Specifications

  • 1 box contains 5 pcs of Snowplus Lite Device
  • Size: 100mm x 110mm x 60mm
  • Weight: 285g